Local Agents

Fill your Pants visit for more details and advice.

Craig Smith - Fill Your Pants visit or contact via on-line form:

Independent Stockists

Little Treasures Baby Centre

72, Merthyr Road, Abergavenny

Monmouthshire, NP7 5DE

Telephone 01873 857765

Lynsey Kimber - BabyBots visit, telephone 0845 269 5472 or e-mail

Laundry Services

Unfortunately there are currently no laundry services operating in this area.

Incentive Schemes

Torfaen Council have introdiuced a new real nappy incentive scheme worth £30. Parents living in Torfaen will be entitled to a voucher worth £30 off the cost of buying real nappies from the 2 local suppliers who cover Torfaen. To take advantage of the scheme parents must contact one of those agents - listed above in order to apply for a voucher. Or print this voucher and hand to the local supplier. Full page photo

Credit Union Schemes

Real nappies will save you money in the long run but it is money up front, a great way of avoiding this up front cost is to borrow from your local credit union. They supply low cost loans for any purpose and it’s a great way of buying all the real nappies you need without breaking the bank. Loans are repaid weekly or monthly whatever suits you best.

Gateway Credit Union Ltd

To be eligible for a loan from the credit union you must live or work within the County Boroughs of Monmouthshire or Torfaen.

There are then 2 types of loan available. A ‘Save as you borrow’ loan with which you must have saved for a minimum of 8 weeks you are then eligible to borrow twice the amount of your savings. A typical £200 loan paid off over 12 months will cost around £4.09 a week including interest.

A ‘handy loan’ is also available but does not require you to save beforehand.

A typical £200 loan paid off over 12 months will cost around £4.33 a week including interest.

Life insurance is available on credit union savings and loans at no extra cost.

There are 6 collection points in the area where you can pay your weekly or monthly payments.

For more details please contact Gateway Credit Union Ltd, 21 Commercial St, Pontypool, Torfaen. NP4 6JQ. 01495 750020.