Local Agents

Sam Murray - Real Nappy Advisor covering North Wales. Call Sam for home demonstrations and details of Nappuccinos on 01492 642275/07858 697870 or e-mail

Lizzies Real Nappies are based in Chester and will offer free impartial advice to residents of Denbighshire., (01244) 346797. Stocks a wide range of nappies and accepts vouchers from Denbighshire incentive scheme.

Rebecca Balmer - BuzzBaby visit, telephone 01352 741896 or e-mail

Independent Stockists

The Nursery Window

80-82 Wellington Road


LL18 1LA

01745 330115

Stockists of a wide range of washable nappies nappies and accessories including Bambino Mio, Tots Bots, One Life, Wonderoos Bum Genious and the Pop In. Sorrel Grey who owns the shop used nappies on all 3 of her children so is available to give you lots of information and advice about buying and using real nappies. The Nursery Window accept the £75 worth of nappy vouchers offered my Denbighshire Council - see below for details on how to claim. The Nursey Wiondow also have display windows in Glan Clwyd hospital. Trial packs of nappies are also available to purchase.

Sarah Jane Plant - Daizy Babies Limited visit, telephone 01773 318 068 or e-mail

Rebecca Balmer - BuzzBaby visit, telephone 01352 741896 or e-mail

Lynsey Kimber - BabyBots visit, telephone 0845 269 5472 or e-mail

Laundry Service

Cotton Tails provide a nappy laundry service which covers East Denbighshire. They will deliver you a weekly supply of nappies and once a week will deliver your clean nappies and take away your dirty nappies. The nappies provided are pre-fold nappies and are designed to fit snugly inside a waterproof outer wrap. They also provide several brands of nappy covers, selected to provide the best quality, durability and value. Each wrap has either Velcro or popper fastenings.

Cotton Tails nappies are laundered at 95°C so that they are completely thermally disinfected. The whole process including 3 final rinses insures that no harsh chemicals are next to your baby’s skin. Cost start from about £9.25 a week.

Cotton Tails also offer a Home Laundering Trial Kit, for a single change of £25 (£30 refundable deposit) you can select up to 21 nappies and 7 outer wraps to use and wash yourself in you own home for 2 weeks. There is no obligation to buy nappies after the trial but they do offer free deliver on all orders within their laundry area.

For more details on either the laundry service or trial kits please ring 0151 355 9914 or log onto

Incentive Schemes

Denbighshire County Council is offering vouchers worth up to £75 to be used in part-payment for either the purchase of real nappies or a Real Nappy Laundry Service.

To qualify:

  • You and your child must live in Denbighshire
  • Your child must be aged between 0 and 18 months

You will receive vouchers worth £25 each for use when your baby is aged 0-3 months, 4-9 months and 10-18 months old.

A copy of the birth certificate should be submitted along with two recent utility bills or your Council Tax demand. We now accept the MAT B1 in place of the birth certificate for parents wishing to apply for vouchers before the baby is due.

Real Nappy Friendly Hospitals

Glan Clwyd hospital is an approved 'Real Nappy Friendly Hospitals' you will be able to use your own real nappies during your stay there if you have already bought your nappies, if not you can view a display pack of nappies which is kept on the ward for parents to see. The pack contains 1 Swaddlebees prefold nappy, 1 Bamboo Little Lamb nappy, 1 Real Easy nappy, 1 Minky pocket nappy, 1 Nature Babies waterproof wrap, 1 washable wipe and some printed nappy and fabric guides and contact details of a local real nappy supplier.

Credit Union Schemes

Real nappies will save you money in the long run but it is money up front, a great way of avoiding this up front cost is to borrow from your local credit union. They supply low cost loans for any purpose and it’s a great way of buying all the real nappies you need without breaking the bank. Loans are repaid weekly or monthly whatever suits you best.

Caledfryn Credit Union Ltd

To be eligible for a loan from the credit union you must live or work within the county of Denbighshire south of the A55. You must have a minimum of £5 in your savings account to borrow money. There is no minimum amount you can borrow and repayments are tailored to suit individuals. Each loan application is assessed on it own merits.

A typical £200 loan paid off over 52 weeks will cost £4.34 a week.

Free life insurance if provided with all loans.

There are 3 collection points in the Borough where you can pay your weekly or monthly payments, you can also pay into Denbighshire County Council One Stop Shops, via standing order, have your benefits paid straight into you account or via payroll if you work for the NHS, Denbighshire County Council or Craig Bragdy Design.

See for more details or contact Caledfryn Credit Union Ltd, 19 Bridge Street, Denbigh, Denbighshire, LL16 3LF. 01745 817 444.

Clwyd Coast Credit Union Ltd,

To be eligible for a loan from the credit union you must live or work North of the A55 from Gwespyr to Pensarn. You must save for 6 weeks before being eligible for a loan. There are then 2 types of loan available. A normal loan with which you can borrow three times your savings, and a ‘handy loan’ with which there is no set amount you can borrow it is judged on your ability to repay.

A typical £200 loan paid off over 50 weeks will cost around £4.50 a week.

Free life insurance if provided with all loans.

There are several collection points in the Borough where you can pay your weekly or monthly payments, you can also pay via standing order, debit card, payroll or you can choose to have a benefit paid directly into your account and can either withdraw the balance or leave it in your account as savings.

For more details please contact Clwyd Coast Credit Union Ltd, 17/19 Balfor House, Rhyl, Denbighshire, Wales, LL18 1AS. 01745 361274.