Local Agents

Bryher Hill - a local agent for I can be contacted via or for personalised advice and discounts. I hold Nappuccinos on the first Monday of every month from 10.30-12 in The Zone in Bridgend.

Independent Stockists

Sarah Jane Plant - Daizy Babies Limited visit, telephone 01773 318 068 or e-mail

Laundry Services

CanDo Laundry & Cleaning Services
162 New Road
SA10 6HD

Tel: 01792 813444

Incentive Schemes

Unfortunately, there are currently no incentive schemes operating in this area.

Credit Union Schemes

Real nappies will save you money in the long run but it is money up front, a great way of avoiding this up front cost is to borrow from your local credit union. They supply low cost loans for any purpose and it’s a great way of buying all the real nappies you need without breaking the bank. Loans are repaid weekly or monthly whatever suits you best.

Bridgend Lifesavers Credit Union

To be eligible for an instant access loan from the credit you must live or work within the County Borough of Bridgend. You will also need to provide proof of income & expenditure. Interest on instant access loan is 2% so a £200 loan paid off over 50 weeks will cost £4.50 a week. If you save for 8 – 12 weeks before you get the loan the interest rate will be lower.

For more details please contact Bridgend Lifesavers Credit Union Ltd, Sarn Community Centre, Merfield Close, Sarn, Bridgend, Mid Glamorgan, CF32 9SW. 01656 729 912.

Llynfi Valley Credit Union Ltd

To be eligible for a loan from the credit union you must live or work in Maesteg or the surrounding area. You must save for a minimum of 13 weeks you can then borrow up to twice the amount you have saved.

A typical £200 loan paid off over 12m will cost £4.34 a week including interest.

For more details please contact Llynfi Valley Credit Union Ltd, 15 Talbot Street, Maesteg, Bridgend, CF34 9BN. 01656 736 267