Local Agent

Sam Murray - Real Nappy Advisor covering North Wales. Call Sam for home demonstrations and details of Nappuccinos on 01492 642275/07858 697870 or e-mail

Lynsey Kimber - BabyBots visit, telephone 0845 269 5472 or e-mail

Independent Stockists

Nursery Days

34 Stanley Street



LL65 1HL

(01407) 761300

Stockists of Bambino Mio Nappies

Sarah Jane Plant - Daizy Babies Limited visit, telephone 01773 318 068 or e-mail

Incentive Schemes

Unfortunately there are currently no incentive schemes operating in this area.

Credit Union Schemes

Real nappies will save you money in the long run but it is money up front, a great way of avoiding this up front cost is to borrow from your local credit union. They supply low cost loans for any purpose and it’s a great way of buying all the real nappies you need without breaking the bank. Loans are repaid weekly or monthly whatever suits you best.

Undeb Credyd Y Llechen Cyfyngedig

To be eligible for a loan from the credit union you must live or work within the County Borough of Gwynedd or Anglesey. You must save for a minimum of 8 weeks; you will then be eligible to borrow twice the amount of money you have saved i.e. if you have saved £100 you can borrow up to £200. A typical loan of £200 paid back over 52 weeks will cost around £4.10 including interest a week.

Free life insurance if provided with all loans.

There are several collection points in the Borough where you can pay your weekly or monthly payments.

For further details please contact Undeb Credyd Y Llechen Cyfyngedig, 41 Pool Street, Caernarfon, and Gwynedd, LL55 2AE. 01286 678686.